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Andrew Conway-Hyde

Andrew Conway-Hyde

Gallery Artist & Photographer

My name is Andrew Conway-Hyde. As a self-taught painter and photographer, I have explored my interest in what I refer to as “L’heure bleue”; those fleeting magical moments when two opposites exist simultaneously. The prevalence of these instants in nature inspired my practice which creates experiences that envelope the viewer in a meditative, and I hope liberating journey. Toying with notions of light, line, and colour theory, I move beyond the traditional boundaries of the mediums I use. 

The sea and the sky are the predominant subjects within my work, as they both encapsulate the “heure bleue” like no other. Such as transitions of day to night or the horizon line where waves crash against ethereal skies, my artwork captures singular moments in nature. These works, however, are more than their natural subjects. These works are emotion. They are the feelings evoked in these ephemeral intertwined moments that cease to be in an instant; feelings of promise matched with demise, intimate warmth met with isolating cold, the simplicity of an instant compounded by existential vastness. Drawn in by the consciousness that has taken life in the piece, the sea and sky become representations of universal truths that find themselves beyond words; only understood through the sensations they instill in us.

Through my interdisciplinary practice I transform the sea and sky into abstracted images. Utilizing both painting and photography  I manifest a composition focused on line and color in ways that the two become symbiotic. Through study of masters, such as Turner, I developed a practice rooted in impressionism that grew into one of abstraction. While my practice was built on a foundation of traditional approaches, I have taken strides to utilise two-dimensionality to create visual representations of both physical and emotional (spaciousness) space or breadth and depth.

My approach allows color to guide my work. The use of a wide palette allows me to form the perfect juxtapositions of color to create a visual harmony that embodies the movement, the weight, and the rhythm of my subjects. The entrancing essence of colour led to my fascination with Colour Theory and the biological processes that impact a viewer’s perception of colour and the natural world. These studies allowed me to master the use of colour to (attempt to) captivate my viewer. The colours I meticulously chose stimulate (a mesmerizing) an hypnotic emotional response through the creation of visual relationships that bring vitality to my atmospheric skies and seascapes.

In contrast to colour, which provides the emotional context for my work, line represents the physicality of my subjects. As a means to prevent sacrificing a composition to the constraints of realism, I (execute) create a series of abstract yet uncomplicated lines. With simple gestures I capture the movement of the sea and the delicate softness of reflected light. The lines aid my composition as I work to proportionately divide space, and balance elements of light and dark with extreme tenderness. The intentional use of colour and line pursue a (relatable) a responsive and emotional experience for the viewer who is confronted with the terrifyingly beautiful presence of nature. 

My wish is for my work to become a psychological experience. I would like the viewer to encounter a series of reflections; the sky, the sea, their own psyche. An ascension may occur (forcing) inviting an individual to move beyond their own internal struggles into an environment of pure colour. Each encounter provokes a unique individual response, a time of self-reflection. And as the viewer escapes their daily norms I hope to lead them into a new territory. The fluid and continually evolving responses to the work mirror the sky and sea’s constant state of flux.

The work (internalises) represents my own struggle as an artist to capture, in visual form, the simultaneous aesthetic and emotional beauty experienced within nature. My passion for translating these elusive moments was amplified by my relocation to the Isle of Wight. The presence of the sea permeated my daily life. I observed that… just as a painting entrances a viewer with its use of color and line, so does the sea. The reflections, the ebbs and flows of the tide, and the tumultuous turns it can take mesmerises those in its presence. 

The passionate emotions evoked by nature inspire me to continue my work as I attempt to (seize) capture “L’heure bleue”.

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